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Timber frame house

Wooden houses are a more ecological and economic alternative thanskydiniai_namai_22 homes made of traditional brick and concrete.
Wood is not only a part of nature, but its use is beneficial for the environment.

Prefabricated timber frame houses are cost friendly, made up from multiple wooden modules, which are
manufactured in plant and then delivered to building sites.

Wooden frame panel technology ensures high quality and quick result.

We specialize in self build, public sector, cultural buildings, large complex housing, cart lodges and holiday homes. All our projects are carried out to the highest standards and professional finishes.

Most distinct advantages, when choosing a prefabricated timber frame house.


Lower construction costs. The construction costs of a prefabricated timber frame house are incredibly low, if one compares them to other building approaches and technologies. If building a timber frame house, you will save construction materials, time and labor.

Minimum maintenance costs. The maintenance of a prefabricated timber frame house is considerably cheaper, thanks to well-developed heat insulation. A house of this type will provide a warm and cosy microclimate during the winter months at minimum heating cost.

Unlimited construction solutions. The prefabricated timber frame house technology enables to satisfy any architectural requirements.

Time efficient construction. The construction technology of prefabricated timber frame houses allows to fully complete a house for habitation within three months for the moment of construction initiation.

The construction of a prefabricated timber frame house can be carried out during any season, including winter.

Foundations’ construction. Due to the light weight of a prefabricated timber frame house, it does not require excessive foundations. Thus the construction time is shortened, and one will save considerably on materials, transport and construction.

Durability. Timber frame houses are exceptionally suited for seismically active regions due to its durability and light weight and as stated before it does not require monolith and excessive foundations. The durability of a prefabricated timber frame house plays an important role in its longevity.

Longevity. The life time of a prefabricated timber frame house will last for more than a century, thanks to its specific developments and carefully sealed frame. Thus you are building a house not only for yourselves but also for the coming generations of your family.
Environmental friendliness. The materials that are used in the construction of prefabricated timber frame houses are environmentally friendly. The timber frame house frame is applied with a solution that protects it from moisture, rotting and burning.
QUALITY – We are continuously improving and strive to ensure the highest quality of our products and services. House producer holds the production certificate CE . Has established quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements.
WARRANTY – The Company gives 5 year warranty period to their production.
TERMS – The standard production time is 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the house and production schedule.
INSTALATION – Our professional team will construct the house according all TEK regulations.


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