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Wood is one of the oldest building materials. From ancient times wood was used to build houses and today is still an integral part of the home’s comfort, warm and interior design.
Thanks of the latest technology, our wooden windows are highly durable, stable, functional and are made of well – insulating wooden structures.
To our customers, we offer only the highest quality wooden windows. Being part of nature, wood is alive and it breathes. The heat of wood, its noble atmosphere and its beauty accompany us in almost all spheres of our daily lives. Wood is one of the few materials the resources of which are inexhaustible. Not only it does grow continuously, but it is also quickly processed and is very environmentally friendly.

Skandinavian type windowsscan-window

This type of windows is intended for Scandinavian market. They are opening to outside, so saves space in the room and also high winds sash more is pressed against the intermediate and to ensure maximum tightness. We offer different types of opening, so windows are perfect for any architectural solution. Scandinavian type window frame is smaller, so it looks easier, more modern, also its glass pack area is larger than European type windows.


European type windows

European type wooden windows are opening inside and they are characterized by durability, comfort, provides excellent thermal and acoustic properties, are in perfect harmony with interior furniture, doors, parquet. High quality wooden windows give uniqueness and natural beauty to your home.Wooden windows are unique as their application is practically limitless in different climate zones

First of all, many of us want to see the interior of unparalleled beauty, taking into consideration wood as the most natural material that combines aesthetics with high-end thermal insulation.

Having selected the right wood, you will get a double benefit: a warm cosy atmosphere indoors and a durable natural protection of wood against the climate

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. Aluminium clad wood will last for decades, regardless of climate zone in which you live.


•    Windows can be produces from both fingered or solid wood (pine; oak; larch; sipo);
•    Wide choice of opening types (side hung; side swing 90/180; top hung; top slide; top turn);
•    Diferent windows element shapes (restangle; trapeze; arch; cirle and others);
•    Possibility for various coating combination (color from the RAL or NCS pallet; also coating in lacquer and oil);
•    A range of glazing options (safety; heat saving; sunlight; noise control; self washing, fire resistant solutions);
•    Windows available with aluminium cladding;
•    Insect fly screens;
•    Various solutions for ventilation;
•    Shutters will help to protecting interior from the direct sun, noise or burglary.

QUALITY – Skilled people are the main value that we have. Our factories hold the production certificates CE, DVC (Danish Window Certification), NDVK (Norwegian Door and Window Control), and ГОСТ Р (Certificate of Conformity).
WARRANTY – Company gives a 5-year guarantee for its products.
TERMS – Standard lead time is 4-7 weeks, production terms depend on the season and complexity of the project.
INSTALATION – Our professional team will install windows just right after they are delivered.
SERVICES – Consultant services at your home or office. Professional replacement and installation services

Product delivery. Warranty and after warranty time repair service.

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